Director of Bioprocessing


1. Lead a team of fermentation and biotransformation technologists to develop and optimize bioprocesses for chemical products.

2. Design, coordinate, and lead programs to evaluate operating conditions, medium formulations, and feeding strategies to improve productivity and yield in small scale and pilot scale bioreactors that apply scientific and engineering principles, research theories, models, and hands-on technical expertise.

3. Perform data analysis to track key performance indicators and guide experimental planning.

4. Troubleshoot bioprocess critical issues and find viable solutions, by using appropriate information, analysis, and problem-solving skills.

5. Perform tech transfer from lab to pilot and production scales, providing hands on support as required and continuous improvement of operations.

6. Communicate and collaborate with internal and external partners to drive innovation and efficiency, as well as to engage clients and stakeholders.

7. Lead and/or participate in technical reviews and phase reviews for the portfolio, using MojiaBio’s new product introduction framework and best practices.

8. Support and improve MojiaBio’s new product introduction framework and best practices, by authoring guidance documents, leading staff training activities, and introducing new development technologies, tools, and platforms.

9. Provide strategic direction, resource management, scientific mentorship, and career guidance for the Bioprocessing Department.

10. Build and grow a world-class team of passionate and skilled bioprocessing scientists and engineers, who can deliver on MojiaBio’s vision and mission, by providing career development opportunities, feedback, and recognition.

11. Demonstrate strong leadership and credibility with the site leadership and scientific staff, as well as with the global scientific community, industry partners and investors.



1. Master or PhD in Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Fermentation Engineering or related field with a minimum of 5 years of combined relevant industrial experience.

2. A proven record of developing and launching products successfully and managing bioprocessing R&D effectively.

3. Must have a strong R&D leadership and experience, a quantitative framework for designing, executing and managing research. The ability to collaborate and manage external resources is necessary.

4. Must have excellent communication skills with the ability to critically evaluate experimental data, and effectively communicate results with clarity and prevision, both verbally and in writing to scientific and general public.

5. Prior experience in working at an interdisciplinary R&D environment is highly desirable.

6. Demonstrated experience in the following related areas are preferred: Synthetic biology and industrial biotechnology scale up, experience in current state-of-the-art bioprocessing, and/or extensive participation in the development of any green and sustainable technologies.

7. Driven by the vision of synthetic biology and industrial biotechnology to create novel solutions for various biomanufacturing challenges, and self-driven and curious to explore new possibilities.