Scientist/Senior Scientist for Pathway and Metabolic Engineering


  • 1、Design and construct synthetic metabolic pathways for desired product synthesis, executing and analyzing strain construction and improvement strategies through engineered metabolic pathways. 

  • 2、Implement computational tools and modeling approaches to predict and optimize pathway performance. 

  • 3、Apply genetic engineering techniques to modify microbial hosts and improve pathway efficiency. 

  • 4、Conduct high-throughput screening and data analysis to evaluate pathway variants and strain performance. 

  • 5、Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate pathway engineering efforts into the projects. 

  • 6、Keep up-to-date with the advancements in the field and apply emerging technologies to advance projects. 

  • 7、Participate with the IP team to protect, enrich, and increase the value of the company's technology IP portfolio. 



  • 1、Ph.D. degree in Synthetic Biology, Metabolic Engineering, Biotechnology, or related fields. Preferably with 3 years of experience working in metabolic engineering in industrial settings or a similar environment. MSc with significant relevant experience will be considered. 

  • 2、Proven experience in the field of molecular biology and metabolic engineering in microorganisms. 

  • 3、Proficient in genetic engineering, protein expression and purification technology, metabolic engineering, and other experimental skills. 

  • 4、Experience in advanced molecular biology techniques, including whole plasmid sequencing, pathway balancing, genomic integration, and construction of metabolic circuits, will be an advantage. 

  • 5、Must be safety-oriented, self-motivated, and highly organized individuals. 

  • 6、Capable of adapting and working well in a collaborative, fast-paced work setting, contributing to a positive and inclusive team culture. 

  • 7、Demonstrates excellent verbal and written communication skills in Chinese, preferably in English as well. 

  • 8、Strong interpersonal skills, with the ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with colleagues.