Synthetic Biologists and Senior Synthetic Biologists (multiple positions)


·       Design and implement high-throughput genetic, pathway and metabolic engineering strategies to improve industrial biocatalysts performance.

·       Design methods and protocols to evaluate biocatalytic functions both in vitro and in vivo.

·       Improve enzyme and pathway functions using rational or directed evolution approaches.

·       Develop in vitro enzyme assays and characterize enzyme activities, kinetics and functions.

·       Design and construct enzyme and strain variant libraries to support enzyme and pathway engineering efforts.

·       Design and implement small-scale, quantitative in vivo workflows to assess the performance of enzymes, pathways, and microbial cells.

·       Properly record, document, review, interpret and communicate experiments and resulting data.

·       Participate with IP team to protect, enrich and increase value of the company's technology IP portfolio.

·       Work with internal team members and outside research collaborators to develop methods, collect results, and assure quality of results.



·       PhD in Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Chemical Engineering or related field with a minimum of 8 years of combined relevant academic and industrial experience.

·       Proven experience in the field of synthetic biology.

·       Direct laboratory experience with methods used in protein expression, protein purification and biochemical characterizations. 

·       Proven track record to improve performance of biocatalysts (enzymes, pathways, microbial cells).

·       Proven experience in classical and advanced mutation and selection techniques and screening methodologies.

·       Strong background in molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics.

·       Experience in genomic data mining and      identifying functions of potential genes via bioinformatics and/or artificial      intelligence/machine learning approaches.

·       Must be safety focused, a self-starter, highly organized, and able to work well within all levels of a fast-paced organization.

·       Experience communicating results and lab issues in in Chinese and English languages in a timely manner with clarity and precision, both verbally and in writing.