Senior Manager: Synthetic Biology Team


Ÿ  Work as part of a management team to establish the SynBio research agenda.

Ÿ  Design integrated research programs to engineer microbial metabolism. 

Ÿ  Establish quantitative platforms for the design, construction, and evaluation of microbial systems.

Ÿ  Integrate bio-informatic, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and systems analysis into existing workflows.

Ÿ  Coordinate with IP team to protect, enrich and increase the company's technology IP portfolio.

Ÿ  Mentor, guide and supervise the work of scientists in the SynBio team.

Ÿ  Review technical reports, summaries, protocols, and quantitative analyses.

Ÿ  Prepare reports and recommendations to executive management team to evaluate the business potential of a research agenda.


Ÿ  Ph.D in Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Biochemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering or a similar field.

Ÿ  Proven, team-oriented management experience and leadership ability.

Ÿ  Experience with microbial molecular genetics, protein biochemistry/enzymology, and analytical biochemistry.

Ÿ  Current knowledge of the latest developments and tools for engineering enzymes, metabolic pathways, and microbial systems.

Ÿ  Highly-motivated, innovative researcher with critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Ÿ  Demonstrated ability to independently design, execute, troubleshoot and interpret experiments in the field of synthetic biology.

Ÿ  Excellent communications skills in Chinese and English languages.

Ÿ  Able to work effectively in a leadership position with a team.

Ÿ  Exceptional organizational and multi-tasking skills.

Ÿ  Proficiency in writing and making clear, succinct oral presentations.

Ÿ  Computer literacy, including cloud-based software platform for biotechnology research and development.